The Mission – Charles K. Seavey Info

Charles K. Seavey and his law group, the Seavey Law Group, have a strict code of ethics and a purpose: To serve people and give them the best legal representation possible. Not corporate persons, but flesh-and-blood persons.

“Able lawyers have to a large extent allowed themselves to become adjuncts of great corporations and have neglected their obligation to use their powers for the protection of the people,” Louis Brandeis complained in 1905. That is not true here at the Seavey Law Group and has certainly never been true for Charles K. Seavey himself.

Charles K. Seavey and the Seavey Law Group represent and protect people. Flesh and blood people, not corporate people. And these people are employees, consumers, investors, and taxpayers.  We, The Seavey Law Group, stand up to corporate greed, corruption, fraud, abuse, and we do so to far-reaching effect.

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